Our mission is to develop the demand for the Cultural products of Oaxaca through Mezcal and Agave distillates in the state of Texas, creating a positive branding for our products and generating continuous escalation, which will be measured by the growth in sales, and in opinions and ratings of our products and the category published in specialized media and web portals.

We will continuously identify and exploit bestselling products, match volumes and profitability to service levels, anticipate demand, manage cash flows, assist with revenue growth plans, and optimize supplier/distributor relationships.




• Being leaders in our category in the american market.


• Attract culture and transmit Oaxaca´s traditions thorugh its Gastronomy, Handicrafts, Geography and Tourism using Mezcal.


• Be part of the construction of a cultural sustainable and economic heritage, and creating jobs.





Promote and position our brands in the International Market sharing Oaxaca through our  "Cultural Ambassadors"


     Mexican culture has raised awareness in the last years throughout the United States. An ever more expanding group of people of Mexican origin, the media coverage of Mexican culture, and the non-stopping growth of Mexican traditional spirits, Tequila and Mezcal is impregnating American culture.


This way Baltiko Spirits LLC's crossover sharing Oaxaca amazing traditions whit the world.


Oaxacan culture will be transferred in its various modes: Gastronomy, Handicrafts, Geography and Tourism. This program will be implemented in the state of Texas, with a head start in the counties of Harris and Montgomery, with the help of “Cultural Ambassadors”, attracting culture through Mezcal.